Parsec Thermo-Brite III

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For overcoming critical problems associated with radiant heat and moisture transfer in roots and walls of all buildings and structures, PARSEC Thermo-Brite Ill is the one product you can depend on. Bearing all the necessary elements for all your insulation and Condensation control needs, it is tough, tear-resistant, non-corrosive, multi-layered, pressure laminated, highly reflective surface with a protective coating.

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Technical PropertiesTest MethodResults
Reflectivity (both sides)ASTM C 1371-98± 0.95
Emissivity (both sides)ASTM C 1371-98± 0.05
Norminal Thickness± 150 microns
Tensile StrengthASTM 882-97
Machine Direction6.280 kN/m
Transverse Direction4.806 kN/m
Elongation at BreakASTM 882-97
Machine Direction110%
Transverse Direction109%
Tear Propagation ResistanceASTM D 1938-94
Machine Direction30 N
Transverse Direction24 N
Moisture VapourASTM E 96-000.019 gr/m²/day
Transmission RateProcedure A
Surface Flame Spread BS 476 Part 7Class 1
Fire Propagation TestBS 476 Part 6Class 0
Salt Fog Cost MIL Std 810 (Method 507) No defect observed
MIL Std 810 (Method 509) No defect observed
Roll Size1.25 m x 96 m
Nominal Roll Weight±17 kg


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