Lightherm Screed

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Lightherm is a lightweight aggregate specially treated with our patented VODAPRUF additives. Lightherm when mixed with cement becomes a lightweight screed (Lightherm Screed)- density of only 250kg/m³. It achieved thermal conductivity-as low as 0.067 W/mk. Lightherm Screed has acquired COC ( Certifacate of Conformity ) issued by TUV SUD PSB Singapore. Lightherm Screed is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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  • Lighterm Screed is used as a lightweight
    topping screed to adjust floor level.
  • Lighterm Screed is used as a lightweight
    screed on Steel Decking
  • Lightherm Screed also provides good
    thermal-sound insulation properties.
Density Kg/m³250
Mass after 28 days Kg/m³~ 265
Thermal conductivity - λ W/mk0.067
Compressive resistance N/m2 (UNI EN 1015-11:2007)-N/mm²0.83
Flexural strength N/m² (UNI EN 1015 -11:2007)-N/mm²0.46
Cohesion kPa82.62
Hot-sealed membrane rupture N/50mm57.00
Cold-sealed membrane rupture N/50mm35.00
Elasticity module N/mm²235.80
Permeability to water vapour - µ11.50
Shrinkage (NBN) - mm/m0.427
Specific heat - kj/kgK1.40
Impact sound reduction at 500Hz - ΔL14dB (thickness 5cm)
Impact sound pressure level 61dB
Fire reactivity classA2 (UNI EN 13501 - 1)
Smoke production classS1 (UNI EN 13501 - 1)
Observations of drops or inflamed particlesD0 (UNI EN 13501 - 1)

** No sand required

To obtain 1m³ of Lightherm Screed 250kg/m³

** Cement Portland 32.5 Cem l or Cem ll limestone. Any brand of Ordinary Portland Cement is possible.